Multibank for Corporate Treasury
(all banks in a single ERP window)
save from 40% of working time on exchange operations with banks
Multi–component gateway multibank system for the integration of corporate treasury with banks. Сonsists of 2 parts:
multibank interface in the client's ERP (accounting/treasury) system (1C, SAP or another)
universal gateway for integration with banks and payment systems (components: service provider, converter, signature component, adapter bank, financial monitoring)
inside the company with the functionality of cash management and payment process.
CorpPay's TOP features
1С ERP already connected
90% reduction in labor
Ready to connect to any banking API or integration technology
High speed of sending payments
SAP S/4 HANA already connected
100+ corporations love CorpPay
50+ world biggest banks integrated
Customer: one of the largest electric grid companies in the world
Effect: 80% reduction of labor costs for the preparation of management reports.
Customer: one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe
Effect: A significant economic effect from the use of the system for messaging with the largest banks. 3 banks are integrated.
Customer: one of the largest companies in the mineral fertilizers market in Eastern Europe
Effect: Reduction of labor costs and automation of sending payments to the main servicing banks. 7 banks are integrated.
Customer: one of the world's largest producers of precious metals and products made from them.
Effect: 90% reduction in labor costs for servicing exchange functions with banks. 3 banks are integrated.

Customer: one of Europe's largest providers of digital services and services
Effect: The "impressive" speed of sending payments was shown by the Universal Payment System of Corporations when working with FintechAPI. A unique load testing on the market was carried out using the productive systems of the two largest settlement banks and existing settlement accounts.
Customer: the largest shipbuilding company in Europe
Effect: 100% reduction of labor costs for loading and initial processing of a bank statement. 5 banks are connected.
How it works
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